Why Buy an Infrared Home Heater?

On the market for a new heater? I thought I would do an ‘Infrared made easy’ guide for you as i could have done this when I bought one.

What is Infrared?

4e786994-db49-4e35-9d27-fa6c74897c5f_400An infrared heater/lamp is a fairly new invention and addition to the consumer market. Infrared light is invisible to the naked human eye as it is beyond the light spectrum that we can see. It has a higher temperature that other heaters and this transfers energy to a body with a lower temperature through electromagnetic radiation. The amount depends on the temperature of the emitting body and the body receiving it, so the temperatures are variable. It feels very much like the sun, with UV and radiation being very similar, it does feel like you are out on a really pleasant summers day when you have your heater or lamp on.

Costs Savings?

4467b8db-e63d-48c8-bebe-5baf774ae65d_400As I said before Infrared is similar to the energy that comes from the sun. Because they both work by heating directly, infrared heaters warm you the second you turn them on and they don’t need time to warm up a room and because they heat objects rather than the air, some people find the heat from infrared panels less stuffy, and find them more comfortable and some say more healthy.

Oil and gas fired infrared heaters do exist but Infrared heating is usually electric, in the UK anyway. Although electricity costs more per unit than its counterparts, electric infrared heaters do tend to be cheaper than using a standard electric heater because they take way less time to heat up but the running costs in general do depend on the heaters’ rating (watts/kWs), the higher the wattage the higher the cost.

Infrared would be an efficient option for you dependant on your circumstances and where you live, because infrared heats objects and not air, it is more efficient where there is a a substantial amount of air exchange, usually goes hand in hand with poor insulation and high ceilings.

if you need instant (and I mean instant) heat on a small space this is definitely the type of heater for you. They do not take time to heat up but conversely, cool down instantly too.

Environmentally Friendly?

db5f64f2-6985-45a9-8788-a8f22f2769a2_400If you are one of those people who cares about the environment (I know these days I am) then Infrared is the product for you.

Traditional gas heaters are around 50% fuel efficient and emit carbon monoxide and other hazardous gases as a by-product of combustion and burning fuel. my Infrared heaters convert more than 90% of their energy input into radiant heat directly, and operate in terms of pence per hour.

In addition to this, infrared energy is quiet, odourless and can be used both indoors and out with what appears to be no environmental effects whatsoever.


Apart from the environmental benefits,  There are substantial cost saving to be made. Electricity is expensive but even if this is the form of energy you are using for the infrared appliance, it heats up so quickly and is so effiecient in its use of energy that it works out so much cheaper than other forms of energy and heating appliances that if cost savings are your thing then infrared is for you.

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