Top Rated Instagram Growth Services in 2018

Have you ever heard of Rise Social?

It’s a top growth service for Instagram that has been around for quite some time now and it works by targeting users through hashtags. In case you wonder if it’s just another crappy bot that you have to download first and that stops working as soon as your internet breaks think again. This service runs on the cloud so no matter what happens it will always keep on going without consuming any resources at your side of the table. Their packages or better said monthly subscriptions are rather affordable, starting at only $20/week based on a contract duration of 10 weeks so that sets you back $200, which is slightly less than $100/month. Not a bad deal to grow your account the organic way.

Another personal favorite of mine is Follow Adder.

It’s the most popular bot for Instagram right now and the reviews don’t lie. One of the first things they mention is their 7-day money back guarantee and I haven’t found any people complaining that this policy isn’t honored. Their starter package is extremely affordable at only $49.99 for the duration of 6-months. That equates to less than $10/month. Free support, and updates are obviously included in that price so if you want to experiment a bit I’d say bite the bullet and give it a shot as you won’t find any better deal than that.

Social Steeze should come first

I kind of overlooked this one at first but if there’s a prize to win then this one will take it away, over and over again. It’s not so much of a bot, it’s more like a managed growth service so you don’t have to lift a finger beside providing your dedicated manager with the information he needs. Think about your audience in terms of location and keywords that they search for. It’s not always easy to figure this out yourself so if you tell them the niche you are in I’m sure they are prepared to help you out with further details. I’m not sure why most of these services charge per week but what can you do, still at $15/month it’s pretty much of a no-brainer. They promise to deliver real likes, comments, and followers so if that’s truly what you get you’re in paradise. Based on the positive buzz around this service I have no reason to doubt that what they offer is the real deal.

I could list a dozen more

A quick search in Google results in plenty of pages that show you lists like the top 10 most popular Instagram bots and what not, but after looking into their websites I get this nasty feeling. Some of those sites have the most obvious spelling mistakes on their homepage. I mean the least they could do is hire someone to proofread it, it’s not like that’s going to make a dent in their income. Very unprofessional to say the least so if they handle their service with the same care you will only end up getting disappointed so screw those other services.

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