The Many different Types of Patio Heaters Explained

You can warm up your outside space, your patio or your garden in the winter months, if you want to get out there check out the different types of patio/outdoor heaters available. Never be cold any more with so many to choose from the choice is yours.

Here is a shopper’s guide to the different types of heater for your patio for you.

Different types of patio heater will work differently, some will circulate heat in a circular motion, and spot heaters will directly heat an object and can be mounted high or placed on the ground. A portable spot heater can be moved around indoors or outdoors. They are usually electric although sport models are also available fueled by propane or natural gas.

For power ratings they come in wattage for electric and BTU’s for propane and gas, the higher the rating the more heat you will get.

The uses for spot and portable patio heaters are endless, indoors and outdoors.

So here we go for the different types;


  • Can be moved as they have no fixed fuel line
  • They have a compartment tank for the fuel
  • They can heat a 20 foot diameter


  • Provide a small circle of warmth
  • The base is the fuel tank hence the mushroom shape

Ceiling or Wall mounted

  • Great for limited space
  • Permanent features cannot be moved around
  • Can be gas or electric


  • Also designed to be fixed permanently with permanent fuel source like natural gas or propane gas line
  • Can circulate heat in a wide radius suitable for commercial and residential use


  • Mostly made of steel but now some lightweight aluminum models are available
  • You will get what you pay

Light up

  • Usually patio heaters will come with a push button ignition so when you switch on the sparks combined with fuel will provide the flame which in turn provides the heat


  • Most models will come with an automatic shut-off to prevent any gas leaking
  • Also auto tilt shut off if it does manage to tip up, to prevent any flammables from catching fire


  • A cover is always a good idea for outdoor heaters to keep off dust, insects and spiders webs
  • Some can be clamped to a fixture

As with any type of heater there are some safety precautions you need to be aware of, such as never trying to move your heater when it is on or still hot.  Wait for the flame to go out and then switch of the fuel when you are finished.

Don’t try to dry anything close to the heater, in other words keep all materials clear including wood, plastic or butane lighters.  You will be made aware of clearance distance with your heater.

Keeping it clean is important hence the need for a cover.

Check the hoses periodically and if they seem worn or damaged get a qualified, authorized gas service engineer to replace them.

So long as you check your instructions and use common sense you can enjoy the warmth of the sun in the form of infrared all year round.

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