PlentyAir.Com – A Review

Last week I was looking for a new air purifier and I had no idea about what I need to know before buying one. Sure, like everyone would do, I just went ahead on Google and started Googling various air purifier models. However, what I did want to know wasn’t how great they really are, because I didn’t know what their specs meant anyway. I wanted to find a website that gives me all the info I need about air purifiers, what to consider when planning on buying one, where to get it from and save money and so forth. After many hours of research I stumbled upon PlentyAir dot com. What happened next you’ll be able to read below.

The right place to be

506b1b8474c5b64af30016c8._w.1500_s.fit_PlentyAir.Com is a website which was exactly what I was looking for. When I just landed on it, I thought that it was just like any other websites on the internet: full of junk info that doesn’t actually teach you anything and only tries to sell you stuff right away. Well, this want the case with this one. I found plenty of articles on the best air purifiers someone may be interested in getting, the things that you need to consider before purchasing one and how much money you should actually spend on an air purifier.

Taking a decision

10151020What I always wanted to know before buying an air purifier is its capability for filtering out a wide range of airborne pollutants, such as smoke, pollen and of course dust. When looking at an air purifier, you can gauge how great effective it is at helping keep these pollutants out of the air your breathe by checking its CADR or clean air delivery rate.

What’s great is that for each of these pollutants there is a separate rating that’s given. The CADR rating is also directly related to the size and type of the filter the air purifier uses. When you are trying to buy your first air filter, all this info can be quite confusing, but not so when you’re reading PlentyAir dot com.

Well structured info

pTRU1-17696110dtAnother thing I like about this website, besides the fact it’s full of articles that tell you not only how to buy the right air purifier for you, but also the many reviews it has on a wide range of models, is the way the information is structured. You can easily find everything you need, since you’re not put up against a wall of text where you have to use the search function to find what you’re looking for. I have to say this website is an easy read and in as little as 5 minutes I was so informed that I already had an air purifier in mind that I wanted to buy.


Lastly, what helped me take the final decision of getting the best air purifier for my needs is the fact they are all sorted based in categories such as the best air purifier for the money, the quietest air purifier, the best premium air purifier and so forth. For someone who knew next to nothing about air purifiers, I have to say that I learned everything I needed to know before buying one and that’s all thanks to

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