Plasmawave 5300 Review

I have learnt that there are very many reasons why people think of buying an air purifier. For instance, I think that for those suffering from asthma or allergies an air purifier is vital. Maybe you have a problem with smoke from the kitchen or even from cigarette smokers or probably you live in a much-polluted area. Perhaps you have the problem of dealing with molds. No matter what your reasons could be, I have a solution that is worth trying. This is the Plasmawave 5300.

Commonly referred to as Winix PlasmaWave 5300 this air cleaner has much to offer. It has been getting quite positive reviews from its customers especially due to its affordability and great performance.

Air Quality Sensor

79f80bd7-f219-4fa8-82f9-6ed66e4ce0f1_400Probably the function that everyone has been talking about is this of having an air quality sensor. This air purifier has an in built air sensor. This sensor generally checks the quality of the air and it switches to automatic mode every time the air quality in my room drops. In order to get rid of the disgusting impurities in the air, the sensor, in automatic mode, automatically adjusts the fan speed settings to its optimal performance. Therefore, in case you sweep under the carpet and some dust emanates, the sensor of this purifier will certainly know about it. Other smells are not left behind. This sensor will definitely detect leaking gas and even chemical smell.

3-Stage Filtration System

PlasmaWave-5300-313x230This air purifier has an operative three-stage purification system.

In the first stage, particles are netted by the pre-filter having activated charcoal. At this stage, hairs, dust, as well as other household odors are eradicated.

In the second stage, smaller particles such as pollen, some bacteria and viruses and allergens are collected.

In the third stage, the use of ionizer is involved. The ionizer zaps all impurities, which are either positively or negatively charged, and the filter then attracts them. Since ionized particles may cause health problems when inhaled, the Plasmawave 5300 only uses weak charge to ionize the contaminants. Consequently, the ionized molecules will disintegrate fast hence eliminating any hazardous effects to the people using it.

Power of this purifier

winix_plasmawave_5300I am personally satisfied with the power of Plasmawave 5300. Having been certified by AHAM (Association of Home Appliances Manufacturers) means that they meet the required standards for ozone safety. For a closed room of approximately 35 square feet, this unit has a Clean Air Delivery Rate of 251 for pollen, 235 for tobacco, and 248 for dust. This is a clear illustration of how powerful this air purifier is.

The Sound of Silence

WinixPlasmaWave5300I cannot fully describe the characteristics of this purifier without mentioning its ability to operate quietly. Lower settings will make the purifier best suited for a bedroom since it is almost inaudible even without engaging the sleep mode. However, for extra power, the turbo mode is recommended. However, in this mode, a huge amount of air is being moved making the purifier a bit noisy.

Value for money

31Zne9i7OCLPlasmawave 5300 has a very affordable price. If you compare its performance with its price, then you will realize that it maintains the worth of your money.

Final word

This purifier is fully packed with useful whistles and bells to make it suitable for your daily life. It is worth trying but remember it has no remote control. You can buy the Plasmawave 5300 at:

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