MSI Optic G27C Gaming Monitor Review

When talking about the MSI Optic G27C, there are so many features that are worth talking about. As will soon be found out, most of them are great but there are a few bad ones that may end up being a deal breaker.

The Samsung Curved Panel

It’s always more enjoyable to hear (or read) what’s great about a particular product. The first noticeable attribute to this gaming monitor is its enormous screen size of 27 inches. However, it’s a curved 27 inches which make it look even larger. The resolution is scaled to full HD (1920 x 1080) with a LED screen, as well as an R1800 curve rate. As opposed to other curved panels, with its R1800 rate, the MSI monitor offers one of the most comfortable to the human eye. This rate, in addition, has a 178-degree viewing angle to ensure clearness from all points of view.

The Refresh Rate and Color

Now, this is where the Optic G27C shines very bright. When gaming, online specifically, it’s extremely important to be playing without motion blur or screen jittering. A monitor’s refresh rate will determine if these issues are present. Well, with a 144hz refresh rate there are zero concerns. This high of a rate will provide the smoothest gameplay possible. As far as the screen color, it’s absolutely fantastic. Due to the screen having around 20 percent more coverage than general monitors, the images are as detailed as possible.

Many Monitor Settings

Default monitor settings are important for those who don’t have the time to manually adjust the screen for every scenario. Included in the Optic G27C’s monitor are seven pre-set modes that accommodate several viewing experiences.

One Major Issue

Alright, here’s where the gloves come off. Of all the greatness of this monitor, there is a huge issue that needs to be addressed. The response time is only 4ms (which is slower than elite gaming models) and can cause many frustrations. This low time can lead to input lag, which can cause instant death (depending on what game is being played).

It’s completely understandable if the low response time makes this gaming monitor unappealing. For gamers, it’s a big deal. However, the positives can’t be ignored. A tremendous refresh rate, a huge screen size, and a great picture still make the Optic G27C worth an investment. If not, Arm Chair Empire has outlined an entirely different model that may a better option.

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