Gadgets and hacks for saving energy when you don’t have any left

Modern life can be exhausting. Many people find that they spend all their time in a juggling act between taking care of their family, kids, parents and staying afloat in their career – having to deal with rude customers and pushy bosses who continually increase their workloads. There’s just no time for anything else to happen – but when it does, for example someone gets ill, dies, gets married or moves house – people can find themselves without any energy left in reserve to deal with it.

That’s why it’s important to find ways to save energy during your daily routine. You may well be doing things in a way which expends far too much of your energy, when you could be doing them in a more efficient way.

The first area in which most people can save effort is with their kids. Some parents are in the habit of doing absolutely everything for their kids, even well into their teenage years. This isn’t doing the child any good and it certainly isn’t doing the parents any good. Instead of learning to look after themselves, they learn to become more dependent and more demanding on their parents. Such poor parenting results in the child being overwhelmed when they finally have to cope for themselves.

If you’re guilty of coddling your child – cleaning their shoes, fetching their snacks and letting them sit around all day watching TV or playing computer games, you could do everyone a big favor by teaching them how to do things for themselves and for others. As a child enters their teenage years they should be contributing effort towards household chores rather than creating work. Teenagers should be able to prepare their own breakfasts, lunches and cook at least one family meal per week. They can help in the garden by mowing the lawn or watering the plants. They can clean the house, do minor grocery shopping, wash dishes… the list goes on.

Sometimes you use up too much energy simply by being on your feet all day. If you have a job which requires you to walk around most of the time, the last thing you want to do when you’re off work is spend your time walking around. More and more people are using gadgets such as electric skateboards and electric scooters when they’re cruising the city or just going around the mall. They’re compact enough to carry in the car or on the train and they save your feet a lot of aching.

Another energy-saving gadget you could look at is the new wave of automatic lawnmowers. Once these things are properly set up, they know their way around your lawn and can be left to mow it regularly according to your instructions. You don’t even have to work about their power supply as, when their battery power is running low, they will automatically return to their base to recharge before completing the job. There are also similar gadgets out there that act in the same way, but are used for vacuuming your floor and cleaning your windows. If you can’t train your child to lift a finger to help around the house, you can replace them with a robot which will.

If you’re snowed under at work with administrative duties when you should be focusing your energy on other things, you may have considered hiring a personal assistant to help you out. Unfortunately, for many people this is simply not possible due to insurance costs, labor rights and so on. What may suit you more is to hire a virtual assistant – a self-employed contractor who deals with such workloads in return for a fee. In many cases this suits everyone more than a typical employment contract as you only employ the VA as and when you need them, but the VA doesn’t suffer as they have multiple clients. On top of this, you can pay the VA the same as you would pay a PA, but you save money on insurance, utilities, training etc. The VA can actually make more money than when working as a PA due to the fact that they are self-employed and may be eligible to claim expenses and taxes back, which a PA wouldn’t be able to do.

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