Eight Things you Wouldn’t Ever Have Thought you Could Do with a Stand Mixer

Yes, there’s more to the stand mixer you received last Christmas than just mixing dough for cakes and pastries. Stand mixers are no longer just for baking applications, there’s more to a stand mixer than just mixing stuff. Personally, it does almost half the legwork for me whenever I’m in the kitchen, all the time.

Baguette loaves. Homemade whole-wheat pasta. Meat for sausages of all kinds. Whip eggs into submission and into perfect fluff. Meringues, butter, buttercream, buttermilk, dairy products….there is seriously nothing it can’t do more, right? Wrong.

We have another eight great ideas to maximize the use out of your stand mixer right here. Come and check out just what more surprises your stand mixer has under its sleeve; with a little more experience with it, I’m sure you’ll find just as more creative ways to use your stand mixer. Ready for it? Here we go.

1. The Best Mashed Potatoes You’ll Ever Have

If you haven’t tried making mashed potatoes with your stand mixer, you absolutely should. You’ll ditch those mashed potatoes that come in package once you taste the REAL flavor of potatoes; once breaking them down with butter with a paddle attachment, simply add milk or cream and everything else that goes good with it and get the creamiest, fluffiest mashed potatoes you’ll ever get.

2. One-Mixer Breads and Pastries

No time to make dessert for the family? Throw in all the ingredients you’ll need, say, for delicious blueberry muffins, whether wet or dry, and turn on the mixer…voila! Perfect pastries for coffee or dessert, anytime, anyplace…every single time!

3. Perfect Guacamole and Salsa

Who DOESN’T love righteous guacamole or salsa in a pinch? Spice up your family dinners and Mexican-themed nights by whipping up a batch of avocados into perfect guacamole or authentic salsa.

4. Shredded Chicken for Sandwiches in 5 Minutes

Shredded chicken is no rocket science, nor is it longer a time-consuming chore like it once was. Simply throw in cooked chicken breasts and whip it into chicken for sandwiches in 5 minutes or less.

5. Pulled Pork Poutine in a Jiffy

Just as much as shredded chicken is a breeze, so is pulled pork for sandwiches or poutine. In the same easy way you would with chicken breasts, you could do your Texas-style pulled pork with your stand mixer with maximum style, comfort and authenticity.

6. Ikea-Style Swedish Meatballs

You don’t need to head on to Ikea to buy authentic Swedish meatballs anymore with a stand mixer; everything that makes making meatballs tedious is now a cinch. You’ll most probably find that meatballs YOU make taste better than Ikea’s!

7. Duck Fat and Venison Sausages

Turn up the style in your sausages with this deluxe culinary idea you could whip up in minutes; you’ll impress even the most discerning of diners with it. Ambrosial, glorious duck fat will take the usual venison sausage to a food designed for the gods – whether grilled out in the garden, fried (oh yeah), or boiled with stews.

8. Another Way to Make Fried Potatoes

Tired of making hash browns or potato pancakes using conventional methods? Well, the stand mixer will make you forget about having to buy pre-shredded potatoes in the supermarket just to make hash browns. You’ll also do away with having to prepare raw potatoes for these types of preparations, too.

Aren’t these ideas reason enough for you to invest in a kitchen mixer? If you’re tired of wasting time preparing food on tasks that are rote and tired, then maybe it is. Mixer Picks has just the thing for you in terms of making the best informed purchase, just head on to http://www.mixerpicks.com/. Happy hunting.

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