Clean & Healthy Air – Tools Recommendation

As health care professional, one of my responsibilities is to advice the public on the best ways to ensure their health. Industrial revolution and other human activities have seriously interfered with the quality of air we breathe. It therefore comes as no surprise that the incidences and prevalence of certain diseases are in the increase despite the advancement in medical technology.

The good news is that the same technology has resulted in the invention of certain tools that can clean indoor air and make it healthy. From my understanding and experience, the quality of indoor air can be affected negatively by irritating gases produced when cooking with natural gas or Propane stove. Besides, regular cleaning can lead to suspension of particulate matter including dust, pollen, hairs and pet allergens.

Poor indoor air can lead to a number of illnesses including coughing, sore throat, chest tightness, shortness of breath, watery or itchy eyes and in severe cases full blown asthma. This makes it absolutely important to ensure the indoor air is clean and healthy at all times. In this post, I will share with you clean and healthy air tool recommendations that have helped protect me and my family from unnecessary illnesses.

1. Trickle Ventilator

Trickle VentilatorMany of us tend to keep our windows tightly shut in winter because of the chilling cold. However, opening the window is not the solution as this may allow outdoor pollutants such as byproducts of gas emissions from cars and tracks and industrial pollutants. The best way to go is install a trickle ventilator which is a 10-inch high screen with extra filters. This tool allows for fresh air to get in and helps to escort indoor pollutants out. The good thing about the trickle vent is the fact that it can adjust to most windows.

2. Air Conditioner

Air ConditionerAir conditioners (AC) usually remove water from atmospheric air and deliver it indoors. I would recommend the installation of AC during summer months. This is because many dangerous pollutants are water soluble. An air conditioner will remove these pollutants along with the water during summer allowing the air that reaches the indoor environment to be clean and healthy. Most air conditioners brands also remove pollen and particulate matter from air.

3. HEPA Filter

HEPA FilterAnother clean and healthy air tool recommendation is a disposable HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) filter as seen on Plenty Air. I added this to my air conditioner and the results are just awesome. Alternatively, you can use a stand-alone HEPA air purifier in a single but they may be a little bit expensive and noisy as they draw air from the atmosphere. HEPA filters are very efficient in removing particulate matter as they can filter even the smallest particles.


These are the best tool recommendations for clean and healthy indoor air. I use them in my home to provide healthy living conditions. Although there is family history of asthma, I have never faced any terrible attacks resulting from exposure of any of the sufferers to indoor allergens and pollutants. You can try them in your house too if you want to enjoy clean and healthy air.

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