Building Your Mailing List

What is one of the first things you do in the morning time? You check your emails. Your email account is very personal, it is private. People are very selective about the content that they allow to be sent to their email address. Who wants an email account with uninteresting irrelevant content for you to waste time each day searching through each day? Imagine, if your business had one to one contact with your website visitors, connecting with them via their email and turning them into returning customers. Businesses contacting current website visitors and making them loyal customers is possible by building a mailing list.

If you are wondering what is a mailing list. A mailing list is is a list of names and email addresses from people that are allowing your business to contact them regularly via email by sending them relevant content, updates and promotions. Why is a mailing list important? It is important because not only does a mailing list help to increase repeat traffic to your website, but also it has been shown that email subscribers are more likely to be buyers of your product.

People that subscribe to your mailing list are very interested in what you have to offer. Your business or product has already engaged them and caused them to take action by signing up to your business’ mailing list. By regularly sending them emails with relevant content, updates or promotions this will allow your business to build more trust and connection with these potential customers.

In order to start building a mailing list you will of course need a website and an email service provider. Having an email service provider is important to manage your list. The email service provider should be able to build a data base of your subscribers and also send several emails to people at the same time. After this you will want to create a web form or an opt in form to collect new mailing subscribers.

Website visitors do not just sign up for no reason. People visit hundreds of websites each day but they do not subscribe to all of tier mailing lists. If you want them to sign up and give you their email address your business will have to offer them something. Offering your websites visitors something is an exchange for signing up to your mailing list and is key to increase and grow your mailing list. A popular thing to exchange for your potential customers wanted email address is an E-book or to offer some discounts for your products. Whatever you decide to offer just make sure it is something your targeted audience will find of value. Increasing and growing your number of subscribers for your mailing list will ultimately increase your business’ number of sales.

Regardless of your business or the product your are selling, Fred Harrington says that having a mailing list is very important if you are going to turn your website visitors into returning customers. It will allow you to have an important direct line of communication with your customers and also it is the easiest way to keep in touch with them. Increasing your subscribers to your mailing list will ultimately increase your number of sales. Email is the most effective communication platform between your business and your audience, therefore having a mailing list offers huge business potential. Think of the email mailing list acting as a sales funnel to get your target audience to buy your product.

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