3 iPad Must Haves for Christmas

The Christmas holiday is quickly approaching and consumers have either had their gift shopping done for months, or they are waiting until the very last minute. In today’s society, everyone has a smart phone or tablet device. This makes it super easy for shoppers to find something that will fit everyone on their gift list without stressing themselves for the perfect gift. For techy brothers or even for grandmas who still have trouble working their satellite dishes, this list of iPad accessories is a handy tool for anyone struggling with what to buy their loved ones.

Standing Room Only

Everyone has been there – trying to watch a video on an iPad and not able to get into a comfortable position in order to do so. It’s like a tug of war between your interest in the video and your ability to watch it without breaking your neck. That’s exactly why the iPad Tstand makes such a great gift that will suit anyone’s needs. The iPad Tstand is self explanatory in design – a long base with an arm that clamps to the iPad. The clamp (made of rubber, so no scratching your screen!) keeps the iPad secure so it doesn’t fall, but it can also tilt in order to get the perfect angle – neck cramp free! This accessory would be great for kids who like to watch the iPad during long car drives, or for those who liked to read the news as they eat their morning cereal.

Don’t Strain Your Finger

For those who can’t stand using their finger to make selections on their iPad, the Apple Pencil is a go-to tool for Christmas. Slender and sleek, the Apple Pencil would make a great stocking stuffer for anyone looking for a convenient and functional tool for someone on their gift list. The Apple Pencil works just like a regular pencil and it knows when the user is pressing harder or angling it a different way. It works great for taking notes or for a user who uses the iPad for digital drawing. The shading feature allows artists to create conventional drawings on their iPad. On top of the awesome features, the Pencil can also have accessories purchased for it, including additional 4-packs of pencil tips and a cap to protect the tip of the pencil.

Use an Actual Keyboard

The convenience of an iPad and the ability to carry it virtually anywhere without lugging around a cord or a laptop also took away the benefit of being able to type on a physical keyboard. For most users the iPad’s onscreen keyboard can be a pain in the neck. They miss the feel of real keys, and are frustrated that sometimes the iPad’s touchy keyboard can cause them to stroke the incorrect key. In fact, that’s what makes this iPad accessory so exciting – and another universal Christmas gift for literally anyone – the physical keyboard accessory. The iPad keyboard kicks major tail in the functional department. While the standard keyboard of old was attached by a cord, these iPad keyboards are easily attached by Bluetooth, so no muss no fuss. Speaking of no muss no fuss, the keyboard has tons of different brands and types so depending on what the user is looking for, they’re able to find the one that fits their lifestyle best.

With technology changing every day (and more accurately, every single second of every day), more and more tech products are being created and sold. This makes it super easy for finding holiday gifts because virtually everyone uses technology in some way. With the popularity and convenience of an iPad, this leaves tons of room for accessorizing.

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