From 10,000 Instagram Followers to 100,000..Here are the Secrets

Growing your Instagram followers takes a lot of tact, energy and strategy. You need to come up with ways that can work for you because it is not guaranteed that every strategy works for your account. What you need is to try out a few and find the ones that deliver the results you need. Let us delve into the tips, and then it is all up to you to pick a few that can give you what you are looking for.

Focus on Your Niche

You need to narrow down to your niche, and then redirect your energy to it. One of the ways to do this is to like the photos that are posted within the niche. Go through the photos that have been posted and choose a few to like and comment on. You can even go ahead and give the users a follow.

Engaging the people in your niche allows users to discover you and pick some interest in what you do. So, how can you get users in your niche – simple, use the hashtags in the niche or check out the audience in your niche? While at it, make sure you avoid spamming these users – instead remain authentic.

Have a Theme for Your Content

Once people start noticing your name, you need to have something that they can relate to. Over the years, we have discovered that it really pays a lot to have a consistent theme for the images you post as well as the videos.

To start with a theme, you can write down a few sentences about what you want people to think of your account. You can come up with a bright cheery theme or go for a cool and dark theme. The words complete the nature of the theme.

Once you have a theme, the next thing is the hardest to achieve – you have to stick to this theme come what may.

Engage, and Engage Some More!

Instagram is called a social networking site for nothing – you have to socialize. You need to make sure you engage with your audience every time. Once you post an image, your audience starts asking questions, leaving comments and voicing their opinions.

They require you to say something after they leave a comment or ask a question.

You need to take time and ask questions, respond to comments, like what someone says and more just to show your audience that you are available and listening.

Try to leave genuine comments that don’t look spammy. Don’t go for standard answers such as “lovely dress”, instead, be more authentic and put a voice into your words.

Engagement has to be consistent, and for the busybodies out there that have to work on more than one task at a time, getting the time to engage and leave likes is next to impossible. This is true – that is, until you get your hands on SocialSteeze. This tool helps you like, comment and add followers to your account without manual efforts.

Create the Right Hashtag

If you are building a brand on Instagram, you MUST make use of hashtags. Hashtags help you get content and allow others to discover your content too. Make sure you research your hashtag the right way before you deploy them.

You can use hashtag research tools that are all over the internet or take a peek at what your competitor is using to get an idea.

Final Thoughts

Have you ever thought of converting your measly, inactive 2000 followers into an active 400,000 followers on Instagram? Well, you have to put in the efforts and make sure you follow a few tips to achieve such a feat,

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