Tips to Enjoy Your Wedding Photo Shoot

As time goes by and your wedding day draws closer, you might start worrying about the wedding pictures. So many questions might run through your mind about the photo shoot because you know that the pictures will give you long-lasting memories of your wedding day. With so many things running through your mind at the same time, a photo shoot ought to be the last thing to worry you. Let us look at some tips to make sure you enjoy your photo shoot.


This is the biggest undoing of many brides. When you relax, every emotion you feel will get exposed in your photos. Just relax, throw your worries out the window and let the day flow freely. One way to relax is to make sure you enjoy the shoot and end up with great photos is to take a good rest. Get a good night’s rest on the eve of your wedding because it improves your mood and prevents the development of dark circles around your eyes.

Explore the Venue

The venue gives you various places that you can use to take amazing photos. Make sure you explore the area and find out a few ideal places that are ideal for the day’s photo shoot. You can do this with the photographer a few minutes before the wedding starts or during the rehearsal so that you compare notes. You can get ideas of what places to choose by checking out the latest from The Crest Center.

Have a Plan

You don’t want the photographer to take each and every pose you make; you need him to capture the best shots. This is the major reason why you ought to plan with the photographer regarding the kind of photos you want from the shoot, the various moments you wish to be captured and at what time of day you desire to have the photos taken. The photographer will also give you his input from his experience so that you deliberate if it suits your style.

You also need to have a plan B in case of bad weather. Although a professional photographer can work in all conditions, it won’t be fun for you to take the photos in the rain or wind. Make sure you plan ahead by analyzing the wedding venue and finding alternative spots just in case the weather changes.

Have a Test Run

When planning the make-up and doing your hair make sure it works well in the photo shoot. The make-up artist will give you a heads up on what to use and what not to use for that day. It might be advisable to take a few photos on rehearsal day with a manual camera just to see what the real shoot will look like. But not to worry, the wedding photographer makes you look a thousand times more beautiful because of the advanced features of the equipment he carries, so don’t worry if the rehearsal photo shoot isn’t perfect.

If the budget can allow, you can book a pre-wedding shoot with the wedding photographer complete with your make up so that you modify anything that won’t be right.

Have an Emergency Kit at Hand

You need to have an emergency kit for the huge day. Have your chief bridesmaid to keep this kit at hand to use before the photo shoot. Make the kit have tissues, wet wipes, lipstick and other accessories. Don’t forget a mirror to repair the smudges and shininess that come with too many emotions.

Final Thoughts

The perfect wedding photo shoot involves a combination of the venue, your mood, preparation and the professionalism of the wedding photographer. Since these photos will stay with you and help you tell the story of your wedding to your grandkids, you need to have them taken professionally and in the right way. Make sure you relax enough so that your emotions can come out on that day.

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