Taking the Dive: Why Video Games Suck These Days

It’s 2015, and that means technology is the most important thing in the world right now. Whether it has to do with medical problems or just video games in general, technology is going to be the main reason why we’ve seen so many advancements in the way we do things these days. We’ve always been looking towards technology as one of the most critical aspects of life, and that’s definitely a big picture to go about painting. There is always going to be something changing, whether it’s significant or not is what we need to be looking at. It takes a lot to finally admit that the video game industry has been lackluster in the recent months, and that probably has something to do with the fact that people aren’t going to stop eating up the nonsense that is coming out. It’s 2015, and you could easily head over to Home Improvement Guru for yourself and figure out how to put together a set-up that allows you to play video games in the middle of nowhere (with the use of a portable generator, obviously). With that being said, it still seems as if there isn’t enough passion behind the video gaming industry.

crashbWe’re constantly being hit with titles that are less than sub-par, people would actually go as far as saying that they’re “junk” and “unplayable”. Every single day people are playing games that are completely broken at release, mainly because the team that developed them didn’t take the time out of their process to actually test everything. If it isn’t one thing, it seems like it’s another, and I’m going to talk about why video games suck these days. You might not agree with me, and you might share my opinion on the matter, but you should always be open to an argument or two. Life is too short to be lived so subtly, am I right? Anyways, regardless of how you feel about video games right now, it’s safe to say that the industry is in a relatively steady decline.

Everything is the Same! 

Lukie-games-storefrontIt seems as if games are just getting regurgitated these days, so much so that there’s really nobody else that can come up with original ideas. Every single idea that you’ve managed to come across so far has been done before, and when you feel like it hasn’t, it’s almost as if somebody comes around just to clear the air for you. For example, let’s take a look at the Madden franchise. Ever since about 2006, the game seems as if the steps they take on a yearly basis are minimal (at best). They are constantly taking useful things out of the game, only to bring them back in a year or two later. When they bring these features back, they claim that they’re brand-new and you’ve never seen them before, but it’s essentially the exact same thing time and time again.

Don’t get me wrong, there are good video games out there that make use of some very creative ideas, but sometimes that isn’t enough. For every 100 games released throughout the year, only about 10 of those will actually create some sort of unique experience for you to enjoy.

Paying For DLC 

Top-5-Boxarts-1-600x300This is a big one, because everybody knows that the business of creating/selling DLC is booming. When you bought a game in the past, you didn’t have to worry about getting something that wasn’t “whole”. Now, whenever you buy a game, there is DLC actually on the disk you just purchased – the only thing is that you won’t be able to use it. Many games take part in this practice nowadays, and it’s essentially blackmailing the customer to pay an additional $20 or so to unlock extra content. I’m not going to say that buying additional content for games is wrong, but when the content is already on the disk and you’re asking me for more money, it’s going to rub people the wrong way.

It’s already on the disk, so why would you force people to pay for it? There’s so many things wrong with this industry, and this isn’t going to make things any better. When you bought a game before, you never had to worry about DLC. They want you to keep on paying in order to make the experience a lengthy one, but you would think with all of these technological advancements that video games could offer more for less. I suppose that isn’t the case, and that’s why I have a problem with the industry these days.

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