Starting a Successful Painting Business

Painting businesses represent one of the best investment ideas. Look around you, notice how one or two residential or commercial structures require a fresh coat of paint – your first customers! Painting is just like any other business – you get to learn new tricks and become better as the days go by. However, a few tips are vital whether you are just starting out or you are a pro.

Have the Necessary Requirements

You must have a business name and it shouldn’t be a duplicate of another painting company. Pick something unique that communicates what you do. The next step is to file for the relevant business license and tax document as appropriate for your city. The business document requirements might vary from one state to another, making it wise to do some research.

Shop for Insurance Cover

You need insurance because you are going to deal with client property which can get damaged during the process of painting. You will also drive around so much, a process that can lead to accidents or having your vehicle stolen. Get insurance to avoid liability in any of these circumstances.

Although you are armed with all the documents necessary to start the business, you aren’t ready to buy paint and supplies yet, hold on a bit.

Get Extra Funding

Apart from the money you have as savings, you might need extra cash to run the business. This is for the mere fact that many clients will expect you to use your resources partly when handling a task. You can use the documents that you have to apply for a line of credit. If successful, you can utilize the line of credit to fund purchase of the necessary equipment and hire a few employees as the business takes off.

Get Equipment and Supplies

Research and talk to several companies offering paint supplies. Establish a good relationship with them and build a positive reputation. You will have to buy the first supplies on cash as they assess your capability and determine whether they can trust you with supplies on credit.

When it comes to equipment, you need to be very careful to get high quality equipment that will last long. One of the top tools that you MUST have is a number of paint sprayers. These sprayers enable you to handle tasks faster and give a professional finish. Visit Paint Smoothly to grab a few of these sprayers to impress your new clients.

Market Your Business

You need to let people know the kind of services you are offering. You can do both physical and online marketing. For online marketing, make use of social network platforms and your website.

It takes a lot of time to start seeing results from referrals and word of mouth marketing. One of the methods that works wonders is the use of flyers. Since you are starting out, using this method can be ideal since it is effective yet inexpensive.

If you get some clients and they give you a job, make sure to take some photos to add to your portfolio. Before and after photos regarding a given job will greatly prove the quality of work you can do and convince customers.

Hire the Right Employees

You need a few people to help you with the work and this is where things can become complicated. Make sure you identify the posts you have and know the qualifications you need in an employee. Make sure you perform a thorough background check on anyone that will apply for a job. If you have some money to spare, it would be ideal to use a recruitment service that will help filter potential employees.  The agency can give you information regarding the applicant’s criminal history, reliability and character.


Although it seems that there are so many steps involved when starting a painting business it won’t take you long if you are serious and passionate about it. If you enjoy painting, then you will definitely get many clients to like your job and give you referrals. However, to curve a niche for yourself, you need to have the right equipment and source of supplies. You also need a few qualified people to help you get off the ground faster.

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