How to Raise Your First Cat

The resolution to own a cat is a big one, both for you and the adopted animal. Whether you’re considering getting a pet or have already got one, these tips will help create a long-lasting relationship with your pet.

Shop for your New Pet

You want your cat to “feel at home”, right? Sure. So, have a shopping list. You see, owning a cat is more or less like adopting a human child. Buy a litter box to avoid changing tables. You also need to think about the cat’s warmth, so invest in a heated bed. Visit PetNap to have a look at other items to purchase, so that your pet feels like part and parcel of your family instead of a visitor. Do this a couple of days before bringing your cat home to reduce the stress for and your pet on “the homecoming day.” In the thrill bringing your new pet home, you don’t want to learn late into the night that you didn’t purchase cat food.

Ensure that Your Cat Has a Safe Room

Okay, a safe room doesn’t have to be a secluded room.  It can be a corner of your living room with a protecting screen, an empty closet or a bathroom that you never use. The idea here is to make sure that your pet has a place to call home. This is the place where it will be retreating to take a rest. Sure, your pet may decide to mingle with the rest of your family. Even then it’s essential to have a place where he can hide when he doesn’t want to socialize. Remember, it may be a few days or even weeks before your cat can start to interact with other family members, so be patient.

Cat-Proof your Home

There’s every chance that even before you bring your new cat home, you’ve already narrowed down your options to one. Also, you’ve had all the essentials and a safe room in place. You must, however, cat-proof your home. This is to help save your households from tear, wear, and scratches. And, it doesn’t take much to cat-proof your home. All you need to do is to be on the lookout for the hazardous temptations, together with the ability to think like a cat.

Arrange the Supplies in Correct Order

One of the most annoying things about cats is dealing with “out of box accidents.” To prevent this from happening, be sure to place the litter box next to the food and water. Also, empty the litter box regularly, preferably every day. Ensure that your pet knows where to sleep as well. Keep in mind that you’re setting up habits that will most likely last a lifetime, so get it right from the get-go.

In Conclusion

Play with your cat whenever you have time to create a strong bond. Naturally, cats love to plays and will even invent their own games. But, before you buy high-end cat toys, start with the items found in your house. Paper bags, for instance, are great fun.

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