Planning a Birthday Party For Your Teen

Is your teen’s birthday coming up? What better way to celebrate than by throwing them a big party complete with their family and friends?! Planning a birthday party is a big job, but it’s one you and your teen can pull off together. Follow this step-by-step approach and you’ll create a truly special and memorable celebration for your teen!

Set the budget

Planning a party must always begin with setting a budget. Look at your savings account and see how much you want to set aside for the party. Discuss it with your teen and together you should both come up with a fair budget. You’ll need to take into account the cost of hiring a venue (if you’re not having the party at home), decorations, food, and entertainment, as well as anything else your teen may want.

Set the date

You’ll need to set the date of your teen’s birthday party at least six to eight weeks before you want to throw it. This will give you enough time to get everything planned, as well as book the venue and entertainment. Aim to have it on the nearest weekend before or after the actual date of your teen’s birthday. If the birthday already falls on a Friday or Saturday, even better!

Choose a theme

While you don’t definitely need to have a theme in order to throw a great party, it can help make things more fun for both your teen and guests. With a set theme, your guests will also have a better idea of what to wear to the party (as well as anything else they will need to bring). Ask your teen if they want a theme for the party and if they already have anything in mind. Here are some ideas you can choose from: any popular movie or TV show; the 60s, 70s, 80s, or 90s; a pool party; a sleepover; or a costume party.

Decide the guestlist

Draw up a list of everyone your teen wants to have at the party. Write up the invitations (you can order these in bulk from stationary stores). On the invitations, be sure to include: the date of the party, the start time, the end time, your phone number, directions to the venue, the party theme, as well as anything the guests should bring (swim wear, for example). One month (and no later than two weeks) before the party, send the invitations out. Keep the list of invites by your phone so you can easily tick off who’s going to be coming as their parents call to let you know.

Decide on the decor 

If you have a theme, you’ll want the party decor to match it. Balloons, banners, streamers are fun, classic decorations. You’ll also need enough tables and chairs for the guests. Lastly, you should rent some good quality table linen which complements your colour theme and the other decor. Check out LinenHire at their website: for stunning table linen that’s perfect for your party.

Plan the menu and entertainment

Plan the party menu at least a month in advance. Buffets and finger foods are great to have at parties. Make sure you opt for food that’s easy to make and also to transport: pizza, sandwiches, chips, sweets, etc. Don’t forget the cake! If you plan on buying a cake from a bakery, you’ll need to make the order in advance. Having food you can easily make and prepare the day before will free up your time to take care of decorating and getting the venue ready on the day of the party.

Do you want to hire entertainment for the party? You should organise this at least a month in advance. A DJ is always a good choice and essential if there’s going to be dancing. Talk to your teen about the entertainment, games, or activities they want to have for their guests.

And once the party rolls around? Relax and have fun! Once the guests start to arrive, be there to greet them with your teen. Help get the entertainment and activities going, as well as keep the food and drink flowing. There should be a few adults around to supervise, but leave the teens to themselves and don’t be too overbearing. Make sure you have a camera out to take pictures whenever you get a chance! Lastly, hire a cleaning company to clean and tidy afterwards, or enlist a few helpers and take care of it yourself.

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