New Job With No Time For Myself

I had spent 4 years of my life at university, I studied for a business degree. My dad always said it would be a fantastic qualification to have because it would open so many doors for me when I graduate. I graduated with a 2:1, I know it isn’t the first that I was hoping for, but I thought that the degree would set myself apart from other candidates applying for any job I decided on.

My hopes and dreams of becoming a high flyer in the city were dashed when I realised that having a degree was ‘the norm’ in a professional environment. Some of my friends had decided against university and went straight into employment. They had worked the corporate ladder and all seemed to be doing well.

There I was, with a degree, and nothing to show for it, other than a lot of debt. Companies didn’t want to employ me because I had no experience. I was petrified that a life living with my parents awaited me.

After two months of applying for jobs in city, I realised that I needed some work placed experience. I applied for an office secretarial job. It was a job that I could have gone straight into after high school, but I needed to find some work, and start earning money to pay my student debts off.

I Got the Job

I got the job, and set off on my new vocation with enthusiasm, with the hope that the company would see my potential and promotion would soon follow.

My foresight was correct, after working for 18 months in a job that, if I am honest, I didn’t really enjoy, I got the promotion I longed for.

My new capacity was as a PA to one of the middle managers. With promotion came a pay rise. I soon moved out of the family home and into my first apartment. To say it was small would be an understatement, but nevertheless, it was my own place.

Where is My Dinner??

It didn’t take me long to realise that having my own place was not all fun and games. I had spent the majority of my life being looked after by my mom. I would come home to a tidy room, freshly made bed, crisply ironed clothes and a hot meal waiting for me when I returned home.

The biggest thing that I missed about home was my mom’s cooking. My diet had hit an all-time low. I was so tired from working, that when I got home, the last thing I wanted to do was cook a meal. I asked for advice and was steered towards a slow cooker.

An Appliance to Change my Life?

This is an appliance that allows you to prepare all of the ingredients, place them into a pot, and the cooker will slowly and healthily cook the meal throughout the day, so when you return home from a long and hard day at work, a hot meal would be waiting for you.

If this sounds like a good option for you, click here to read some great reviews on different makes and models.

It is safe to say that since I have managed to sort my meal times out, I am so much happier in my new job, although I must admit, the occasional load of laundry still finds its way to my mom’s house.

I am pleased to say that since my first promotion, my degree has been acknowledged, and I have moved onwards and upwards in my career, so the degree was worthwhile after all.

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