Moving Day Madness with the Extended Family

We waited for years to finally purchase our home, but when the time came we were dumbfounded by the amount of potential in every home that we looked at. It was a never ending journey to finding the perfect home to house five people, two dogs, and three cats, let alone the numerous stuffed animals that the kids had acquired over the years. We had begun packing our things when we made the discussion to start searching for a new home.

The boxes and hauling truck were already prepared, packed tightly with the boxes displaying the correct new location of the contents. The last thing to load up was the blankets, pillows, and a few air mattresses that we had used the night before to sleep on. After loading them up, we begin our journey twenty-three miles to our new destination. As always the children were eager to get there, the quicker the better. It was almost like a mini-vacation to a favored spot, where everyone became excited when they knew that the destination was right around the corner.

Our New House

We arrived in a very timely manner as we chose to move during the weekday so that everyone would be at work and the roads would have less traffic. Once we pulled up in the yard, the children’s excitement hit level 100 as they jumped out of the car and ran towards the backyard play ground. My husband had brought over a few things that were meant for the yard such as their yard toys beforehand, as they were not going to fit in the hauler.

With the kids occupied, me and my husband began to unload and take in boxes after boxes of our packed up belongs. Stacking the boxes neatly in their intended location, I vowed to make it through them later that week. As we were inside unloading, we were startled by a horn beeping outdoors. Knowing the children were outside, we rushed out to see who had pulled up. There were two cars, of which several people started to get out of.

My husband’s cousin and his family had decided to come and help us get settled into our new home, which for me was a blessing because I have a hard time trying to lift more than fifty to seventy five pounds. My husband now had a few people to help him move in the big furniture without straining his back even more. Walking through our new four bedroom, two bath mansion, I felt like a brand new woman.

Unpacking Our Belongings

As the day dwindled down, the boxes seemed to disappear off of the truck and reappear into the rooms making it crowded and difficult to move throughout the house. I decided to start in the kitchen with the unpacking, as I would need to start dinner in less than two hours. As my friend and I were unpacking the boxes she found the box that had my toaster oven in it. Being a great kitchen appliance and a wonderful addition to my currently available ways to cook, I raved about how awesome it was.

We were able to unpack all of the boxes for the kitchen and start decorating it before I had to begin cooking. After supper we sat together in the living room and discussed the memories we had made in the house before and how this house was going to prove to make so many more. There was enough room for everyone to have their space. I was more excited that there was enough room to store all of the children’s’ toys and clothes.

Our first night in our new home was amazing. We enjoyed the coziness of the home and the size of it compared to our smaller, three bedroom before. The children seemed to sleep nicely in their beds and throughout the night, which gave us even more reason to love our new home. The next day we all woke up and began to unpack the boxes we had left from the night before. Although we knew it would not be completed for a few weeks, as more things needed to be purchased, we were happy to be in our new home, and to be with one another.

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