Know All About Automation on Instagram

Should you be using an Instagram bot to grow your audience? This question has been asked since the time Instagram came into being, and it is still on many a marketers lips. The truth is that building an engaged audience on Instagram isn’t as easy as it used to be a long time ago. In an attempt to stay ahead of the competition, it is far much easier to use automation to grow your audience.

What is Automation?

Instagram bots are designed to help you undertake the common tasks such as liking, commenting, following accounts without the need to log into the app each day. These are the common actions you perform on a daily basis, but which take up a huge part of your time.

With the help of bots, you can set up the parameters such as the accounts to target as well as the hashtags and then the bot does all the work.

What the Best Bot Does

A bot uses some automated functions to help you achieve the tasks you need to achieve without having to do everything manually. Automating your Instagram account means you identify the task that you wish to handle and then go ahead to use the bot to perform the various tasks.

The bot naturally handles these tasks so that it doesn’t trigger the algorithm to show that you are automating the various tasks. Automaton is all about making sure you stay within the limits of the Instagram account.

Know the Limits of Yoru Accounts

Each bot comes with different features, so it is upon you to know what kind of features you need depending on the limits of the account.

The limits vary depending on the state of the account, for instance, if it is a new account, then you don’t have to automate many of the tasks; otherwise, you risk losing it.

The limits also depend on your goals. If you plan to get say, 10,000 followers in a month, then you need to gauge your limits and see how many followers you can add each day. It also dictates the number of likes you set to add each day.

Understand What to Automate

Automation is all about knowing what your goals and then finding a way to automate the various tasks. However, you aren’t supposed to automate all types’ o tasks on the platform, because some of them require a human touch.

You can automate following and unfollowing, liking of posts and a few others, but the ones that require your intervention such as commenting and sending messages should be handled by a human touch because you need to know what to say in response to a comment or opinion.

Understand When to Automate

Automation shouldn’t be continuous because you also need to know what to do or what not to do to get the best out of your efforts.

Once you understand the timezone of a majority of your audience, the next step is to know when to automate the tasks so that it looks natural. The algorithm always considers the timezones, and when it realizes that a lot of activities are happening when presumably the audience isn’t online, and then you get suspended.

Make sure you know the behavior of your audience in regard to the way they post and engage.

The Bottom-line

Using an automation tool allows you to get the best engagement from your account. To do this, you need the right bot for the task. With so many bots on the market, you might end up getting confused on which one to choose.

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