Keeping Your Belongings Safe With Locks and Storages

Do you have valuables that need to be kept safe? There’s an easy solution for that, which is either buying a safe or choosing storage services. And here comes the next question, “What type of safe lock should I purchase?” A typical hardware or security store should have at least these three, namely combination locks, digital keypad locks, and biometric locks.

Combination Locks

The oldest type of lock is the combination lock, which works quite simply. These are the locks that have numbers or letters which you spin around until you get the right combination. Instead of using keys, you just have to enter the correct combination, hence the name “combination lock.” This fact makes them quite convenient to use since you have no keys that may get lost or stolen.

You can find combination locks in almost all locker rooms because they are cheap to make and convenient to use. In fact, it is likely to be the most frequently used type of lock in the Western world. They do not require any instruction manuals and are idiot-proof. Unless you are the type of person who forgets his or her own combination code, you can never go wrong by purchasing a combination lock.

Digital Keypad

Quite similar to the combination locks, the digital keypad requires you to input a specific order of numbers. You just hit the correct combination in the right sequence, and the lock opens. With one, you can conveniently store or retrieve valuables in the safe. Its advantage is that it is easier to use than the combination lock.

Do note that you have to memorize your code to be able to access your valuables. Avoid writing it down, so that there is virtually zero risk that someone else can access your belongings. If you think it is not sufficiently idiot-proof for you, then choose the next type of lock.

Biometric Lock

The advancement of technology brings the development of the biometric lock, which was only for the government and large companies in the past. However, these are now gradually becoming accessible to the typical consumer.

Anyway, the biometric lock is often in the form of a fingerprint scanner. Only your fingerprints will be able to open the lock or anyone else that is used as a reference. What makes it advantageous is that it is a guaranteed security for your valuables, since only you will be able to access them.

Storage Services

Besides using your own safe, you can opt for storage services. There should be plenty available in your local area since it is often a staple for some people. You can try the storage in Christiansburg, since they offer trusted protection of your belongings.


There are at least three types of locks you can find in a typical hardware store. If you want to spend less money for your lock, opt for either a combination lock or a digital keypad lock, or you can also choose a storage service. For a more expensive, but guaranteed security, purchase a biometric scanner lock.

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