Features of an Instagram Auto Scheduler

Scheduling and uploading of content to your Instagram account is a great way to stay ahead of the competition in these tough times. The good thing is that you don’t have to do all these manually because we have tools that have been approved to perform auto-posting and to publish the posts on your behalf at predetermined times.

There are various tools, but the top ones come with a few features that you need to be aware of. Let us look at the different features that you can expect from these tools for scheduling on PC.

Easily Manage Content

You can now easily manage all the content from the desktop. Remember that Instagram is an app that you need to use on your phone, but this becomes a challenge because you might not be able to edit the images the right way before you post them.

With a PC app, you get to schedule your content so that you can do all the stuff you need to do on your PC. With a wide interface and better editing tools, it is easier to make your content more high quality and neat from the PC.

Drag and Drop Content Easily

With a PC calendar, you can easily drag and drop photos to the calendar that you have on your PC. The calendar is big enough to allow you to drag and drop the images to date so that it gets scheduled automatically. It also allows you to set the time for posting.

After dragging and dropping, you can also edit the post later, which gives you time to handle the posting the right way.

Import Images Directly

One of the best ways to handle scheduling is to import the photos directly from the computer. After editing and making the images look great, you can import them directly from the computer’s hard drive. This means you can have the images on the dashboard of the tool and then upload them one by one to the calendar.

You can upload the folder to the media library or choose a few images to upload from the ones on the hard drive.

Add Captions

When uploading images, you need to add captions as well as hashtags. These captions help make your images more discoverable and visible to your potential followers. It is easy to type using a full-sized keyboard. The dashboard allows you to add up to 30 hashtags that are the recommended number on Instagram.

Searching and Reposting

The tool allows you to search and repost images from Instagram. You can search the posts using various tags such as location, hashtags and even the number of likes on the post. This helps you to get user-generated images that you can reuse so that you don’t have to come up with the images on your own.

The good thing is that you can schedule all manner of contents including video, images, and Stories.

The Process

The process of scheduling content on your PC is simple and straightforward. First, you need to come up with a tool to schedule the post. The best tool for such a task is Plan My Post, and you can read testimonials from real people who have tried and tested it.

Create an account and choose a plan, then add your Instagram accounts so that you can schedule posts the right way.

In Closing

Scheduling your Instagram posts from PC is easy and helps you save time. However, you need to get the right tool to do so to get the best benefits from your scheduling efforts and reposting of content.

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