Do It Yourself: The Era of Being a Handy-Person

There are many things in life that get taken for granted, and having the ability to work with your hands has to be one of them. If you’ve ever tried to take part in a do-it-yourself project, you know how tough some of them can turn out to be. If you don’t have a friend that has the ability to help you with said projects, you’re going to be left in a bit of a pickle.

It is never too late to become an apprentice of these skills, you could easily pick up a book or two (well, since it’s 2015, I would suggest looking up a few eBooks or something) and gather a few skills to make use of. There isn’t a quick way to go about becoming a handy-person, it’s going to take a bit of dedication your part.

This article is going to break down just how tough it can be to become a handy-person, as well as why you should seriously consider going through the process.

You wouldn’t be your average joe, you’d be somebody that was actually capable of handling their own technical problems.

Bosch-Tool-Free-Blade-Change-OMTYou might not be able to properly put together a gazebo, but you just might be able to craft a nifty chair. Set your goals high, and if you fall short, so be it! I’m the only person in my friend group that knows how to get do-it-yourself projects handled, especially in a timely manner; which is why my phone is constantly ringing. Do you think I should start charging my friends a fee for the services I provide? It feels like I’m running a business out of my garage at times! Gathering general information about items like table saws isn’t all too easy, and any other piece of equipment you could think of follows this trend as well. There is hope, however, all you have to do is keep your faith strong! You’ll be building small huts to live in sooner than you know (figuratively, of course, I don’t think that’d be a very safe thing to do).

Starting It Off

SawhorsesWhen you want to become a handy-person, there are a few rules you need to follow. I kind of made them up myself, but that doesn’t mean they won’t work for you! They helped me get through the entire learning process, even if it took me a little bit longer than most. My rules of thumb to live by (when it comes to becoming a handy-person) would have to be:

  • Research as much as you can, look up ideas and tips when it comes to specific projects you’re interested in pursuing – I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been in the middle of a project, only to realize I want something differently
  • Take your time – a masterpiece should never be rushed, so why would you rush your do-it-yourself project?
  • Get the right equipment! When you can look at websites like The Sharp Cut (for your table saw needs), it’s going to take you a long way
  • Persevere – there are going to be times where you want to slam your head against the fluffy top of your mattress, and that’s okay; it isn’t going to be like peeling off a bandage (when it comes to learning the handy ways of 2015)

Keep these rules in mind and you should be in relatively good hands. All you’ve got to do is find the proper resource of information.

The Internet is for Learning!

Tape_MeasureUse the internet to your advantage and look up specific lessons, they should help you understand the different kinds of tools you can make use of. If anything, always try and be as safe as possible. Wear your safety equipment and don’t bit off way more than you can chew. Chainsaws look cool, but if your first time using one, you probably shouldn’t be trying to cut a 40-foot tree down in a public park. You could try it, but I’m just not sure how things would turn out. Ask a few of your friends if they’re willing to help you out with your initial start-up project, because supervision always trumps ending up in the hospital.

You’ve got all of your fingers, right? Well – if you want it to stay that way, you’re going to be safe while you take part in do-it-yourself activities. There are professionals for a reason, but there’s a certain point where handling the job yourself is going to save both time and money.

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