How to Choose the Best Lawn Mower

If your house has a lawn, then at some point you are going to need a new lawn mower. You may be very proud of your lawn, and wish to show it looking its best. Or you may feel that mowing the lawn is just a chore that you have to do as a householder. Either way, buying a great lawn mower will make one of your chores much easier.

When you have a lawn you spend a considerable amount of time taking care of your lawn throughout the year. You should therefore spend some time making sure that you buy the right lawn mower for you and your needs. For a comprehensive list of the best lawn mowers, continue reading here for reviews and buying guides. This will give you a great idea of the best lawn mower for you and your lawn. Here are a few things that you will want to consider before you buy your new lawn mower.

Type of Mower

You may not have a preference for the type of mower that you buy, but some are easier to manage than others. Some types of lawn mower may not even be suitable for your lawn. Consider the type of mower and see if there are any that you can rule out.

  • Push mower.
  • Self-propelled lawn mower.
  • Gasoline-powered mower.
  • Electric lawn mower.
  • Battery-powered mower.
  • Riding lawn mower.
  • Robot lawn mower.

Size and Style of Lawn

You may have always wanted a ride on lawn mower. However, if you have a lawn the size of a handkerchief this is probably not the best lawn mower for you. There are a few things you may want to consider before you choose your perfect lawn mower.

  • Garden landscaping. Do you have a simple lawn with a border around the outside, and grass in the middle? Or do you have flowerbeds throughout the lawn, maybe in intricate shapes. Do you have trees and bushes that you will need to mow around? Is your lawn full of decorations and ornaments?
  • Lawn surface. Is your lawn level and flat or is it rough and uneven? Do you have a mix of different types of grass due to having dry and shady, damp areas?
  • Lawn level. Is your lawn flat or does it slope? Do you have a terraced lawn that is split into more than one level?
  • Regular or rare mower. Do you mow your lawn every week or do you wait until it is too long? This is something else that you will need to consider as not all mowers are able to cope with all types of grass. Trying to mow slightly damp long grass with a push mower is very difficult.

These are things that you need to check before you decide which type of lawn mower you will need. If your grass is very rough and patchy then it will be hard to mow with a push mower. If there is a steep slope than you may decide against a petrol mower. If you will have to lift your mower up and down stairs and over walls then you will probably want a lighter model.

Lawn Mower Clippings

One thing that many people fail to consider until it is too late, is what the lawn mower will do with the clippings.

Some people like to compost and will add the grass clippings into the compost. They therefore like a lawn mower with a collection bag. You need to consider the size of the bag as this dictates how far you can mow before you need to empty the bag.

There are some models that leave the clippings on the ground. This means that you then have to carry out another task and rake up the clippings. Leaving them on the lawn can cause disease or damage parts of the lawn.

You can buy all in one mowers that collect the clippings and then mulch them up. This means that you don’t have the task of disposing of the clippings.

The price of the mower will undoubtedly be a factor. You need to weigh up the cost of the mower against its performance before you choose your model. You also need to take the cost of servicing and maintenance into consideration.

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