Buying a Coffee Machine to Use at Home

If you buy takeaway coffee on a regular basis, have you ever stopped to consider how the price can add up? Your mocha macchiato may taste great, but they are not cheap. Why not think about making your own at home? There are so many types of coffee machine that you can buy to use at home. If you are thinking about buying your own home coffee machine, then check out specialist coffee sites as they have reviewed the best choices available. For more information about great espresso machines go to Espresso Gusto to find the best machines to use at home.

Types of Machine

You have made the decision to buy a coffee machine to make great tasting coffee at home. Unfortunately, this is not the end of your decision making. There are a few distinct types of coffee machine available, so which one will you choose?

Filter coffee machine.

This is the basic model if you just want good coffee without the fuss. It is an excellent value option as the machines are normally fairly cheap. They are an appropriate choice if you want coffee for one, or for more than one. Unlike some of the options available, you can dictate how strong the coffee is. Or how weak. All you do is add some ground coffee and start it off. With some models, you can set it to start in the morning, so you wake to the smell of fresh coffee. The machine has a keep warm feature which is why it is ideal for one. As long as you want a few cups of coffee during the day.

Pod/Capsule machine.

These are becoming very popular, so the price is dropping. If you have always been put off by the hefty price tag, then it may be worth checking again. This is so easy to use that we can all become baristas in our own home. You can normally buy an extensive range of different types of coffee and other hot drinks. For a consistently good coffee, without the skill then this is the best choice. A downside is that the capsules or pods can work out to be quite expensive. Your coffee fix will be more expensive with this choice but still far less than a takeaway coffee. There is no mess or fuss with this model, so it is the best for convenience. Another plus point is the size of the footprint on your counter. They don’t take up much space so you can keep it out, so you will use it.

Bean to cup machine.

This is another fairly low effort option though more effort than using a pod or capsule. This is a good choice if you want the freshly ground aroma and great tasting coffee. All you do is add water and your choice of coffee beans and it grinds the beans for you. You can even froth your own milk with some models. Downsides are that they can take up a lot of space on your worktop. A bigger downside is that they can be difficult and time-consuming to clean.

Espresso machine.

This is the complicated truly barista style machine. You are going from grinding the beans to producing the end result yourself. You get a great cup of coffee if you can master the art. They are the most expensive machine and the most amount of hassle for your cup of coffee. Again, they can take up a large amount of room and take some cleaning. You may not want to make coffee for a crowd with this machine.

Will You Use It

However much you love your coffee, there is a great difference between walking into a coffee shop and doing the work yourself. You may want all the bells and whistles but seriously consider if you will use the machine enough to justify the expense.

If you need your coffee fix, then buying your own coffee machine is probably a good idea. The types of machine do vary from no work to being fairly skilled. Make sure you research the type and model suitable for your needs as you don’t want to buy something you won’t use. Choose wisely and it can be a great purchase.

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