Bored of Nights on the Town?

In many towns and cities around the world, Friday and Saturday nights see the entertainment districts (or ‘pub street’ in smaller towns) become the focus of evening activity. Groups of people, young and middle aged, dress up in their glad rags and meet up with others in pubs and bars, sitting around, chatting and drinking alcohol. As the evening turns into night, they move on to other venues where the music gets louder, and chatting turns into drunken yelling. Inevitably, the effects of mass intoxication take effect as people part with their earnings to ply themselves with sugary booze – strangers dance, kiss and elope, people get into accidents and fights.

Most will wake up the following day unable to remember what they blew their money on, and spend the rest of the weekend in bed, nursing a sore head, and all those empty calories they consumed will be converted into a few more pounds of fat. Others will wake up in unfamiliar surroundings – a stranger’s bed, a park bench, a police cell, a hospital bed. Some will curse themselves for blowing their money, ruining their diet and behaving recklessly yet again, especially if they don’t remember having any fun.

Some people will spend pretty much every weekend of their lives like this, from their teenage years until they’re carted off to the infirmary. They’ll drink in the same bars, with the same people and never get tired of it. They are happy, they know what they are spending their money and time on, and they like it. Occasionally they might try something different on a Saturday evening, only to realize they miss their regular routine, and get right back to it the following weekend.

For others, it inevitably stops being fun at a certain point. Whether you’re drinking Dom Perignon at Drai’s Las Vegas or Deep Shaft in deepest Tennessee, the very fact that you’re going through the same motions again and again, week after week, can make it feel like a chore. For those who don’t drink, it can be tortuous – what starts out as a fun conversation with friends, just become boring as they watch others turn into idiots and wonder why they continue to waste their time in this way.

There are, of course, alternatives to boozy nights out, and plenty of them. In big cities, you can enjoy the other aspects of nightlife – the theater, the opera, concerts, big sports games and so on. In medium-sized cities, nightlife away from bars is usually restricted to a few cinemas, bowling alleys and restaurants. That’s great once in a while, but the appeal of ten-pin bowling can wear out even quicker than that of a sticky-floored dive bar.

A simple alternative to having a night out, is to have a night in. If you have a group of friends, you can go to a different person’s home each weekend, bring along any food or drinks you want to consume. If the weather isn’t great you could just listen to music, play board games or computer games, cards or just chat as you would in a bar or a pub. When the weather is good, it’s nice to sit outside, have a barbecue, dip your feet in the pool and so on.

Alternatively, you could arrange a day out somewhere interesting each weekend. Invest in a good pair of sunglasses from somewhere like, as you’ll be needing them for the drive to the beach, fishing or hunting.

Joining or starting an activity group is a great way to have fun, socialize and do something positive, which doesn’t have to harm your wallet or your health. There’s no limit on the types of ideas you could base it on. One particular hobby interest that is making waves at the moment is drone racing. If you and your friends share skills such as product design, engineering, videography, piloting and so on, you could build your own drone and enter it as a team in one of the upcoming drone racing leagues. These leagues are proving themselves to be wildly popular, with over a million online viewers of streamed races. They are finally attracting big name sponsors such as Pepsi, and this fall will see ESPN beam live drone racing into homes around the country.

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