Best Air Purifiers 2015

Before I learned facts about air purifiers, I lost a lot of money purchasing different models that only served me for a short period before they needed replacement. There is history of asthma in my family and I am actually a sufferer. Therefore, the type of air purifier that I can use in my home and office is of great concern to me. This forced me to carry out extensive research on the various brands and models of air purifiers currently in the market to find the best air purifiers in 2015.

In my research I came to understand the basic things that determine the quality of and performance of the best air purifiers. The first thing is clean air delivery rate (CADR) which indicates the capability of the air purifier to filter out air borne pollutants such as pollen, dust and smoke. The other important considerations are air flow, performance as well as air changes. The purifier must also be fitted with HEPA filters.

My best choices

Based in the above considerations, I came up with a list of the best air purifiers in 2015. According to my own understanding, the following 3 top picks have what it takes to provide the best performance both for residential and commercial air cleaning. Here is the list:

· IQAir® New Edition HealthPro Plus Air Purifier

I consider this as the best whole house air purifier. Although it is quite expensive, its quality and performance makes it undisputed king in the industry. It is normally used for commercial purposes. I love it because of superior noise suppression and four-stage filtration systems including HyperHEPA filters with the ability to filter out allergens, dust gases, fumes and smoke among other impurities.

· Alen BreatheSmart HEPA Air Purifier

Alen BreatheSmart HEPA Air PurifierWith a sleek white design and a lighted button on top which turns blue when air is pure (safe) and red or orange when air is not pure, this to me is the perfect choice for home air purification. It is equipped with a sensor that detects particulate matter faster and automatically triggers the filtration process.

Another great feature I love about this air purifier is 4-speed fat settings. The lower the speed the lower the noise produced. At higher fan speeds, the loudest it can go is 56 decibels. It also features a night mode which allows me to turn down the device’s lights and reduce the fan speed making my sleep more peaceful. I consider it the quietest large room air cleaner.

· Honeywell 50250-S with True HEPA and Carbon Pre-filter

Honeywell 50250-S with True HEPA and Carbon Pre-filterAs I indicated earlier, I and some members of my family are asthmatics. The best air purifier I found that eliminates all allergens that can trigger asthmatic attacks is this model from Honeywell. It is equipped with long life HEPA filter which can be vacuumed to extend its lifespan.

It also features carbon activated pre-filter which helps to capture lager particles including fur, dust and dust. The pre-filter is also capable of reducing common household odors. Finally, the unit features Intell-Check technology where an electric filter indicator tells the used when to clean or change the filter.


I believe there are many other great brands that should make it to this the list of best air purifiers in 2015 but these three have caught my attention. They also have great reviews and scores on the major online retails sites as well as other consumer forums. These air cleaners may be costly but I believe they are worth every penny I spent purchasing them.

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