Alesis vs Roland: Which Should You Go For?

Electronic drum kits are so varied and kind of complicated if you have no idea where to start from, especially as a beginner. Luckily, Alesis and Roland are two of the top brands on the market, and as a serious drummer, you need to have one in your collection.

Even for a well-trained drummer, you are guaranteed to have a good time with these two brands, but a time comes when you have to choose one. We’ll take a look at those two brands and their overall quality when it comes to drum sets. That is an important part of the equation when trying to buy a drum set, but we recommend you also check out specific reviews of individual kits to be able to buy your first drum set with confidence.

The Alesis

Alesis is one of the drum kits ideal for the beginner. It comes with all the equipment to get you playing like a pro within no time at all. All the drum kits in this brand come with several pieces that include atoms, snares and a kick pad. What holds all these together is a rock solid mounting rack that puts all the pieces together. The aluminium mounting rack makes it easy for you to set up the kit and pull it down.

This drum kit gives a realistic response when you play. The brand has put a lot of effort into delivering the perfect kit in such a way that the shots are delivered the way you play them. One aspect of these drums is that they come with choke detection, making sure the music is delivered as received.

This drum kit is ideal for beginners, as well as expert drummers. When it comes to beginning your drumming career, Alesis is the drum of choice. Each unit comes with a lot of music to play along to, helping you become better with time. This can work for beginners, as well as experts that seek to better their skills.

No one is ready to spend hours trying to learn how a kit works. Alesis is made for easy learning because each button on the kit connects to a specific drum. It also comes with a user manual to help you set everything up in a short time.

The Roland

Budget-conscious consumers can get the Roland quality at a lower price or opt for the high-end models. Having been in the drum market for more than a decade and counting, Roland set the bar for drum kits. Responsive cymbals, realistic mesh heads and tough MDS drum racks make a practical solution for drummers, whether training in the garage or performing on a stage.

Roland drum kits come with the innovative TD-9 module that comes with sounds that you can edit or transfer. The TD-9 module allows you to have tempo alterations complete with mutable instrumentals. The module comes with a total of 100 kits spanning Electronica, jazz, rock and metal. Using different shell materials, you can alter the sounds freely. The heads are tuneable to help you achieve the sound you need.

Still on the TD-9 module, the USB port was originally meant to play only WAV files. But with progression, Roland now allows you to store custom kit settings and allows for MP3 playback, making it suitable for hosting play along samples and files from USB storage.

You can choose an entry level design or an advanced piece – the choice is all yours. You can always get a kit that doesn’t bust your budget but still gives you the kind of experience you desire. Don’t mind the price of a kit that you land on – Roland is made to provide great sound. The sounds are realistic and you learn to play the kit easily.

The Bottom-line: Alesis or Roland?

The final decision depends on various factors that you need to consider when choosing the kit. Whatever the case, the drum kit you choose should give you the various advantages including a variety of sounds, ability to incorporate pre-recorded songs into your performance and the capability to perform anywhere as long as you have earphones.

Understand your needs, and then take time to check out the different features that the drum kit has, and then match the two, before making the ultimate decision.

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